Skins DNAmic Thermal Women’s Compression Long Tights



Don’t wait for summer to get back into shape. Skins DNAmic Thermal Women’s Compression Long Tights merge Skins best compression tech with temperature regulating thermal fabrics to keep you warm, fight fatigue and reduce the risk of injury.  Wear with a DNAmic Thermal Long Sleeve Top for the ultimate full-body compression hit that will keep your performance on point through winter.

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Skins DNAmic Thermal Women’s Compression Long Tights Key Features

  • Thermal fabric for warmth in temperatures as low as -20°C (-4°F)
  • Soft microfibre waistband anchors onto hips for comfort and stability
  • Stretch key loop fastened onto waistband for safe key storage
  • Reflective logos on ankles for low light visibility

About Skins

SKINS cycle range has been designed to offer a wide range of cycle compression garments perfect for both local amateurs and mountain conquering professionals. While the Bib Shorts retain full gradient compression to boost the levels of your performance, the jerseys offer partial gradient compression to the arms, which is particularly important as the upper body is the most susceptible to vibration. Less muscle vibration protects the muscles and allows for maximum comfort while reducing fatigue.

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