NC-17 Ergonomic S-Pro Lock On Handlebar Grips



The NC-17 Ergonomic S-Pro Lock On Handlebar Grips combines precise steering with optimum cushioning and skin friendliness. The palm rest area was significantly enlarged and made by a vibration-ready rubber compound, a kind of wrist damping. Depending on the positioning of the handle on the handlebars, the grip-assisting damping can be increased or even reduced. The lock-on screw the handle remains securely in the desired position on the handlebars. An assembly test in several positions at different exits is definitely useful to find your personally optimal position. The 109 mm wide grip surface allows each hand size to benefit from the ergonomic features. Overall, the lock-on grip is a high quality product that may weigh 5 grams more than others,

NC-17 Ergonomic S-Pro Lock On Handlebar Grips Key Features

  • Maximum grip, high grip and optimized friction values ​​for frequent grip
  • Wrist cushioning that relieves and protects
  • Especially kind to the skin, for sizes XS – XXL
  • Ergonomically safe and comfortable sitting posture
  • Handlebar end protection, easy to attach

About NC-17

From the early 80’s on NC-17 founder Udo Ochendalski felt appointed to improve his friends BMX- and MTB Bikes by making custom bike components. During his education to become a CNC machinist, Udo often spent the weekends at the machine shop to work on his new product creations. Some things never change.

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