Funkier Men’s Long Sleeve Jersey LJ-772

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The Funkier Men’s Long Sleeve Jersey LJ-772 is a Microfleece jersey that is warm and breathable. It comes with Quick Dry active protection.

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Funkier Men’s Long Sleeve Jersey LJ-772 Key Features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Super breathable fabric for moisture transfer
  • 3 Back Pockets + Water Resistant Pocket

About Funkier

In 1990, when Funkier Fashion was founded by Rony.K, he had no idea that 13 years later that he would get into making cycling clothing.While Rony started working in Men’s and Women’s fashion for the first 13 years of his career, where he learned about textiles, it wasn’t until he fell in love with Cycling at the beginning of the new millennium, that he found his true calling… And it was in 2003 that the first Funkier Bike clothing collection was launched, starting on its mission to help cyclists ride in better gear, at a great price point.Since 2003, as an American firm with our Head Quarters currently in Wisconsin, Funkier has grown to be sold in over 30 countries worldwide: from Thailand & Brazil, to England.  Staying close to what has made Funkier successful since day 1, Funkier has looked to find the best technology available in the world, and to bring it to theircycling clothes, so they can offer you the very best out there, at great prices.

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