Dare 2b Turnaround Women’s Cycle Shorts



The Dare 2b Turnaround Women’s Cycle Shorts are A versatile padded cycle short that can be worn on its own or teamed with baggy styles. the turnaround short is ideal for those who like to do a bit of everything (or those who shy away from lira). the sports performance foam pad cushions your ride while coalman fabric helps to keep you feeling fresh. the shorts are made from soft, quick-drying fabric with flat locked seams to prevent unwelcome rubbing. you’ll find a gel gripper tape around the leg cuffs for a secure fit and a reflective detail finish.

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Dare 2b Turnaround Women’s Cycle Shorts Key Features

  • Quick drying
  • 6-panel constructural design
  • Flat locked seams for comfort
  • Interactive attachment loops at waistband
  • 2D moulded stretch multi density foam insert
  • Anatomically designed insert with Oxy Flow ventilation
  • Coolmax moisture control and anti-bacterial treatment to insert
  • Branded gel gripper tape at hem
  • Reflective detail for enhanced visibility
  • Polyester/Elastane

About Dare 2b

Dare 2B sets trends and innovates new technologies in order to create exciting outdoor performance apparel.  They are on a mission to create and produce the best performing, the best looking and best value sportswear. Dare 2b is now sold across 65 countries and has made a big impact within the industry.

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