Amtech Bicycle Accessory Set


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The Amtech Bicycle Accessory Set includes all tools you may need on your bike while out and about.

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Amtech Bicycle Accessory Set Key Features

  • 8 x 100mm Cable Lock
  • 2 Pieces Bicycle Flashlights (1 x red, 1 x White)
  • Multi function bicycle repair tool and puncture repair kit
  • Flashlights come with batteries included
  • Repair tool come with handy storage pouch

About Amtech Cycling Products

Amtech started out as a family business and it still is. There are more of us these days, of course, but we’re all dedicated to great DIY. If there’s a real perfectionist among the Amtech team, it’s Paul, our resident DIY guy. There’s no task too big or small for Paul, no tool he doesn’t know and won’t show you how to use.

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