Amtech 9 LED Front Bicycle Light

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The Amtech 9 LED Front Bicycle Light is a 9 led super bright front bicycle light.

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Amtech 9 LED Front Bicycle Light Key Features

  • 9 super bright, long life LEDs
  • Built-in high quality reflector
  • Brightness enhanced through the convex lens
  • 7 working modes including constant and flashing
  • Belt clip on rear of the light

About Amtech Cycling Products

Amtech started out as a family business and it still is. There are more of us these days, of course, but we’re all dedicated to great DIY. If there’s a real perfectionist among the Amtech team, it’s Paul, our resident DIY guy. There’s no task too big or small for Paul, no tool he doesn’t know and won’t show you how to use.

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