Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I place an order?

Clicking the buy product button will take you through to the Amazon product page where you can purchase the item.  You will need an Amazon account to do so.

2.  Is there a delivery charge?

Most items listed are available with free delivery.  However, this will vary on a product to product basis and also by country.  Please check the Amazon product listing for information relating to delivery.

3 Which countries do you deliver to?

Enbee Cycling is primarily serving the UK cycling market.  A number of other countries are directly served by their Amazon marketplaces including: United States, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland ( and Italy.  Other countries who do not have a direct Amazon marketplace may still be able purchase the item if international delivery is available.  Please be aware that this will mean longer delivery times and probably cost more.

4.  Whose is responsible for the order?

Enbee Cycling in no way accepts responsibility for your order and is in no way responsible for it.  Orders are not placed directly on this website but are redirected to the Amazon product page and the order and fulfilment are the responsibility of the Amazon sellers.

5. What customer information do you collect?

Enbee Cycling does not collect any personal information relating to customers nor does Amazon give any information to Enbee Cycling relating to orders made or other information.

Enbee Cycling collects location data, through website analytics, and pages visited of customers who visit the website but this information is otherwise anonymous.

Clicking the buy product button places a cookie on your computer from Amazon.  This cookie is only stored for a day in compliance with EU Cookie Law.

6.  How do you earn money?

Enbee Cycling earns a commission on every item purchased after directing the customer to the Amazon marketplace.  This is currently around 7%.