About Us

Enbee Cycling has been created to provide as wide as possible choice of cycling products to serve the cycling community.  As passionate cyclists ourselves we understand, and are part of, the community we serve.

We are based in Chelmsford (UK) and primarily serve the UK cycling market although international markets are also served.

About Our Business Model

The vast majority of our products are currently supplied by Amazon Affiliate Marketing.  This means we do not directly stock, or are responsible for dispatch of, the products listed on this website.  Clicking the Buy Product tab will take you through to the Amazon listing for the product where it can be purchased.  We make a commission on every product you purchase from Amazon whether it is an item we list or any other item you purchase during that shopping trip.

Amazon products listed on their website can be sold and dispatched by Amazon themselves or a third party marketplace provider.  This will vary product by product.  Please check the product listing to ensure you understand this.

If you are visiting from a country outside the UK then clicking the Buy Product button will take you to the Amazon store that serves your country (currently UK and Ireland, US, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy) .  If one is not available then you will be taken to the Amazon.co.uk website where an international delivery option may be available.  This will depend on the product seller and please be aware that it is likely to be a much higher cost and excluded from the free delivery options.

When we list items that we sell we try to provide as much information as is possible to help you make an informed choice about what it is you are buying.  Often we can provide more information than the original Amazon listing itself.  Where possible information we provide is directly taken from the manufacturer own product details.  Please be aware that this is not always available and therefore information may at times be lacking, deficient or otherwise unavailable.

Whilst we currently operate using this model we will be looking in the future to stock and list our own products directly, primarily through using dropshopping.  If you are provider of cycling products either as a manufacturer, wholesaler, or distributor (whether based in the UK or not) looking to use dropshipping, as a new and exciting retail method, then please feel free to contact us to discuss how Enbee Cycling can assist you in doing so.

Neville Booth

Owner, Enbee Cycling