Viking Timber Trail Tandem Mountain Bike


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This Viking Timber Trail Tandem Mountain Bike is an ideal cycle for couples or friends who prefer to share the experience of a cycle ride. Constructed from oversized aluminium tubing, mated to oversized forks to take the rigours of trail riding.

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The 26″ wheels keep the centre of gravity low for improved stability. The Timber Trail’s lightweight aluminium frame features an eccentric bottom bracket for easy chain tension adjustment. Up front it features an oversized steel fork for precise control. Equipped with 24 speed Shimano indexed gears for easy shifting and powerful front and rear V type brakes it offers a great introduction to tandem riding.

Viking Timber Trail Tandem Mountain Bike Key Features

  • 26 inch wheel sized
  • 19 inch front frame size 17 inch rear frame size
  • aluminium tubing
  • 24 Speed Shimano gearing
  • front and rear v-brakes

About Viking

The Viking bicycle company was founded in 1908 by Alfred Victor Davies in Wolverhampton Road.  The original company closed in 1967.  It was then bought by two Americans who founded Viking Cycles as a bicycle assembler based in Derry.  But it soon encountered financial problems and in 1981 Merseyside Council considered buying the company.  In 2001 it was bought by Avocet Sports, based in Manchester and was registered to them.  Viking bicycles now encompass a wide range of bicycles including e-bikes, road bikes and folding bikes geared for urban riding.

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