Ultrasport Unisex Cycling Socks



The Ultrasport Unisex Cycling Socks are lightweight socks that are specially developed for cycling and any form of fitness that doesn’t require padding. Integrated ventilation zones give the socks fantastic breathability. The Coolmax fabric immediately catches moisture that develops on the skin and wicks it outwards, where it is easily evaporated. This keeps your feet dry at all times. The soft surface of the reinforced heel and toe areas with Lintoe seams prevent any uncomfortable skin irritations when going long distances.

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Colour Black

Shoe Size

UK 2.5-5 UK 6-8 UK 9-11

Colour White

Shoe Size

UK 2.5-5 UK 6-8 UK 9-11

Ultrasport Unisex Cycling Socks Key Features

  • Ventilation channels
  • Made from Coolmax fabric
  • Soft cuff
  • Lintoe seam avoids blisters and rubbing
  • Reinforced at heel and toe

About Ultrasport

Ultrasport offers a huge selection of equipment and clothing for a wide range of pursuits, including home fitness, camping, cycling, running, trampolining, swimming, winter sports and more. If you can think it, Ultrasport probably has it. Ultrasport’s exercise and fitness range includes balance trainers, exercise clothing, exercise machines such as cross trainers and treadmills, heart rate monitors and strength training equipment. If you’re into camping and hiking, check out the Ultrasport collection, including outdoor clothing, tents, rucksacks and much more.

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