Selle Royal Star Relaxed Saddle


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The Selle Royal Star Relaxed Saddle is a saddle suitable for riding in relaxed position. It ensures the highest level of comfort thanks to the padding that is able to reduce pressure spikes by 40% thanks to its unique three-dimensional gel structure. In addition, it allows to protect the user against chafing and enhances the absorption of impacts.

The Selle Royal Star Relaxed Saddle Features

  • seat for maximum comfort.
  • seat of the range comfort for a relaxed posture
  • padded royalgel ensures the highest level of comfort.
  • developed for users who are located in the saddle with a column of 90 ° angle.
  • cover with black lining xsenium.
  • maximum pressure reduction.
  • black steel with elastomer damper rails.
  • weight: 785 g.
  •  width: 225 mm.
  • length: 227 mm.
  • unisex.

About Selle Royal

Support Cyclists is not just a slogan, but a real commitment at Selle Royal. Though in business for over 50 years, the company continues to evolve, listening to Cyclists and the Bicycle World to deeply understand needs, anticipating trends and become a social facilitator promoting a Bicycling Lifestyle. Support cyclists: literally with saddles, strongly with services, and culturally with stories. That’s our way to Support Cyclists.

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