Muddyfox Pure MTB Mens Cycle Helmet

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The Muddyfox Pure MTB Mens Cycle Helmet features multiple tech and considerations to keep yousafe and looking great on your bike! Having that impact protection is a must, especially on a mountain bike and aggressive terrain. The Muddyfox Pure MTB Mens Cycle Helmet offers a reinforced outer shell over a thick foam core to help absorb impact energy and reduce injury. Complete with padded inserts to aid comfort and an adjustable back strap alongside comfortable and adjustable chin strap for a secure and customisable fit.

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Muddyfox Pure MTB Mens Cycle Helmet Key Features

  • Muddyfox Pure MTB Mens Cycle Helmet
  • Muddyfox branding
  • Adjustable head and chin strap
  • Padded inserts and strap
  • Dense foam core
  • Hard and stylish outer shell
  • Vent holes
  • Slight front peak

About Muddyfox

One of the most famous mountain-biking brands in the world with 25 years of heritage. An energetic extreme sports brand that is tailored to the adrenaline seeker. Muddyfox can lay claim to the first Mountain bike brand in Europe.  Throughout the 80’s and 90’s Muddy Fox was the bike to have. It was always ahead of the pack and usually the brand leading the way to bring new ideas to the sport.

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