Mottez Standard Bike Carrier Simple

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The Mottez Standard Bike Carrier Simple features

•Fully assembled : very quick and easy installation
•Optimal quality compliant with European project ISO / DIS 15263 4.2 and the French standard NF XP R 18-904-4 (Report N°L110175R2 DE/6)
•4 high density foam pads (ø 65mm) for bodywork protection
•Angle adjustment by a high performance patented automatic clutch system.
•The indexing of the clutch allows carrier to be adjusted with ease : application list enables you to achieve the perfect adjustment on your vehicle.
•2 foam pads on the frame for added bike protection.
•Tube ø 25mm
•Rust preventive heat-hardened epoxy powder coating

About Mottez

We design all our bike carriers : A design office composed of 6 people studies, designs and tests prototypes then finalizes the industrial stage.  The bike carriers are manufactured in our own factory : laser cutting, stamping, bending and welding of the parts, then paint finish using an ultra modern automatised process that guarantees optimal quality.  We directly sell our bike carriers from manufacturer to customer.

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