Mighty Rayon In Sight G Bike Eyewear


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The Mighty Rayon In Sight G Bike Eyewear has been designed so that the lenses are removable and can be replaced.

Mighty Rayon In Sight G Bike Eyewear Key Features

  • soft nose pads
  • removable frame for optical lenses
  • super light and extremely flexible frame of Grilamid TR 90
  • scratch-proof coating
  • lenses made of almost unbreakable polycarbonate
  • dark, exchangeable lenses
  • clear, orange and brown spare lenses

About Mighty

Reliable, innovative and high quality bike products at an attractive price – that’s what Mighty cycling accessories are about. High product quality is the result of innovative design ideas, exclusive component selection and strict control of production.  Mighty is just one of the brands developed by the German company Messingschlager who offer a number of bike accessories and brands. Messingschlager were founded in 1924 in the German town of Bamberg and take their name from the couple who founded the company. The Messingschlager company is a traditional family company presently based in Baunach, and has been rooted in the region for three generations.

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