Maypole BC2085 High Rear Mounted Bike Carrier



The Maypole BC2085 High Rear Mounted Bike Carrier is a rear mounted bike carrier designed to carry 3 bikes.  It is also designed to have a universal fit and will fit most vehicles.

Maypole BC2085 High Rear Mounted Bike Carrier Key Features

  • New rear mounted allow 3 bike cycle carrier with easy-fit cradles and straps
  • Carries up to 3 bikes (total 45kg)
  • Strong lightweight aluminium alloy frame
  • Features easy-fit cradles and straps to secure the bikes to the cycle carrier
  • Fully factory-assembled and ready to use
  • Foam pads protects vehicle bodywork from damage
  • Fits most saloons, hatchbacks, vans, estates and coupes
  • Hangers measure 350mm, centre to centre

About Maypole

Maypole is proud of it’s long heritage of manufacturing and marketing products which are supplied into Automotive, Trailer, Leisure and the Agricultural Markets. The company was founded in 1969 and one of the first products produced was a trailer lighting board. Over 40 years on Maypole are still producing these, except these days there are over 100 different designs and we produce in the 10’s of thousands (not 10’s!).


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