Kwikfold Folding Electric Bike

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Space and time is now at a premium, attempting to find space in an urban environment or at home can be difficult, this amazing Kwikfold Folding Electric Bike 16 inch folding bike helps solve both these problems in design and thinking. With a special design allowing for easy carry and with a new folding system, the folding bike is able to fold in seconds into any small narrow space. The folding bike comes as standard with a 16 inch X-Shape iron frame, folding aluminum handlebars, integrated aluminum wheels and a folding pedal.

The Kwikfold Folding Electric Bike features

  • Battery: Battery Type: Lithium.
  • Maximum Battery life: Up to 25miles. Power Supply: 36v 8Ah.
  • Battery Weight: 2.2 Kg. Motor Type: 36v, 250w, Brushless.
  • Fully Charging time: 4-5 hours.
  • What is the speed? Depends on the angle your twist the handle bar, the bike can go up to 15mile/hr on flat road.
  • Where can I get spare parts? You can find common parts at any bike shops near you. If you have difficulties in finding parts, you could contact us to order.
  • Do I need to assemble it? The bike is around 90% built. Only small parts need to be put on and adjusted. If you are unsure, you should have it checked out at a nearest bike shop before use.