KHE MTB Strikedown BMX Frame


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The KHE MTB Strikedown BMX Frame is a 26 inch BMX bike frame.

KHE MTB Strikedown BMX Frame Key Features

  • TT: 26,37″
  • RC: 16,3″
  • HT: 74,5°
  • 135mm wide
  • dropout for 10mm axles
  • weight: 2.95kg
  • colour: blue

About KHE

KHE bikes was founded in 1988 by brothers, Thomas and Wolfgang Göring.  In the past 28 years they’ve invented many progressive BMX parts, now considered standard within the industry.  Their inventions like the butted handlebar, folding tires and combo seat/posts affect the weight of the complete bikes massively!

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