Hawk Green Energy 7 E-Citybike


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The Hawk Green Energy 7 E-Citybike from the HAWK Green Energy series is equipped with the well established Hawk Wave aluminium frame as its base. The powerful E-propulsion system is located, virtually invisibly, not in the frame but in the front wheel. The HAWK “E-Line” propulsion system complements the 7-speed shift system components for a convincing overall package and provides the ideal base for a pleasurable tour through the city or for getting to work; relaxed, environmentally friendly and always with the feeling of a built-in tailwind.

The aluminium motor, with around 250W of power, adds support equally as gentle as powerful up to a speed of 25 km/h. By placing the motor in the front wheel, it ensures excellent propulsion, similar to the front-wheel drive of a car. As the motor is equipped with an extremely smooth-running planetary gear system, there is no noticeable resistance in normal operation, without motor assistance.

On the rear rack sits the powerful Li-Ion battery, which provides an abundance of additional energy, more than 230W, for everyday routes in the city. The modular design of the whole system provides the opportunity and the battery capacity to extend the range at any time.With the Hawk Green City Plus Wave E-Bike experience just how practical the power assistance can be in everyday life, at a low introductory cost.

The Hawk Green Energy 7 E-Citybike features

  •  Pump
  • Total weight: 130 approx. kg
  • Weight: 22 approx. kg
  •  Intended use: E-Cityrad
  •  Wheel Size: 28 Inch
  •  Pedals: Alu Non Slip
  • Mudguards • Material: Plastic
  • Chainset • Brand: KMC Saddle pin • Material: Aluminium • System: spring loaded
  • Frame • Material: 7005 Aluminium • System: Wave Frame • Material type: Aluminium
  • Fork • System: Suspension fork • Brand: Suntour
  • Gear set • Gear type: Internal geared hub • Gear No.: 7 • Brand: Shimano • Type: Nexus 7
  • Front brakes • System: V-Brake • Brand: Tektro
  • Rear brakes • System: V-Brake, coaster brake • Brand: Tektro Brake lever • Brand:…