Elswick Malibu Cruiser Bike (Womens)



The retro American Cruiser styled Elswick Malibu Cruiser Bike sets itself apart from the rest and is unique for all of the right reasons. Designed with a low step-through frame the riding position is super relaxed with wide upright handlebars, whilst the low sweep frame allows for easy mounting and dis-mounting. The Malibu is a simple single speed bike to keep everything clean and simple and if used near a beach there are no gears or shifters to get seized up with salt. The steel basket mounted from the handlebars is ideal for transporting shopping and can take really heavy loads with ease. The frame is finished in a beautiful black satin lacquer showing off the vibrant electric gloss pink colour highlights. Front and rear full-length metal mudguards protect you from dirt thrown up from the pavement or beach. Whilst the matching full length chainguard provides protection from the chain. The subtle design elements from the frame are enhanced by the chainguard design, which mirrors the print style on the saddle.

The Elswick Malibu Cruiser Bike features

  • Traditional American style bike with a strong steel low step-through frame
  • Front and rear mudguards finished in high gloss pink to keep you clean and dry in all conditions
  • Front and rear V brakes provide powerful responsive braking
  • Single speed for simplcity and reliability
  • Colour co-ordinated components inclusing wheels, pedals and grips

About Elswick Bikes

Elswick is the Great British Cycling brand. Planting our roots in 1910, we have remained loyal to our heritage and timeless appeal.

Heritage does not mean stuffy though, as we at Elswick appreciate Vintage chic and combine the best of new and old to create timeless cycles for you enjoyment. All of our bicycle frames are designed to reflect the elegance of bikes from times-gone-by, many with low-through geometry for easy access and an elegant riding position. Couple the vintage frame designs with modern prints and you quickly see how beautifully unique our bikes are.

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