Campagnolo Record Rear Wheel Hub

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The Campagnolo Record Rear Wheel Hub has been substantially redesigned to exalt the qualities which made the previous ones famous and appreciated all over the world. The oversize body design has been accentuated, some parts have been lightened and the freewheel body is made entirely of light alloy. The highly appreciated adjustable 15-ball bearings have remained unchanged and the ceramic ball kit is available as an option.

The Campagnolo Record Rear Wheel Hub features

  • Titanium Axle And Reverse Thread Titanium Fixing Bolt: Reduces The Overall Weight Of The Crankset By 40 Grams
  • Ultra-Torque Axle: Pressure On The Pedals Is Transmitted Effciently Without Any Power Loss
  • New Chainrings: Sophisticated Mechanical Features On The Parts That Move The Chain Up And Down Guarantee Maximum Effciency During Shifting

About Campagnolo

Campagnolo is not just a company, a logo or a trademark. Campagnolo today can be described as a brand.  An organization that has always transmitted and shared a set of values. Campagnolo has become all this in over 80 years, in part thanks to itself, the Campagnolo family, the individuals who every day dedicate all their efforts to a shared goal, but above all, the merit goes to keen cycling fans.

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