Basil Blossom Botanica Saddle Cover



The Basil Blossom Botanica Saddle Cover features

  • Made From Water Repellent Polyester
  • All Over Graphic Print
  • Its Stylish Design Will Brighten Up Any Bike
  • Will Keep Your Saddle Dry When Leaving Your Bike Out On Rainy Days
  • Small Enough To Keep In Your Pocket Or Bag

About Basil Blossom Botanica

The Basil Blossom Botanica series is a true classic. The fl oral pattern is executed in a characteristic Japanese woodblock style. No watering required.

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About Basil

In the early seventies the former owner Nico van Balveren, at the time still a bicycle retailer, started with the development and production of various models of bicycle baskets.

Nico’s father and grandfather, where both bicycle retailers. In 1976 Nico has established ‘N. van Balveren Riet Import-Export’. After a few years the name of the company was changed into the brand name BASIL. The word ‘Basil’ is a contraction of ‘van Balveren’and ‘SILvolde’ (Silvolde is the original domicile). Since 2001 the company has been taken over by Marthijn van Balveren, son of Nico.

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