Avenir Aspire Road Bike

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For your first taste of fast riding on a drop bar machine, the Avenir Aspire road bike can be perfectly adapted to suit several uses from commuting through to riding the smoother country trails. Equipped with easy changing gear shifters, 23mm tyres and mudguard clearance. This versatile men’s race bike is designed by Raleigh. It features a striking red compact aluminium frame, with specially positioned gear shifters to allow for easy changing so you can relax and speed off in style.

Clever positioning of the gear shifters allow for easy changing and together with 23mm tyres and mudguard clearance, this bike can be perfectly adapted for several uses.

Available Options

Frame Size 51cm

Frame Size 55cm

Avenir Aspire Road Bike Key Features

  • 700 wheel size
  • Aluminium compact frame with mudguard clearance
  • Steel straight blade racing fork with mudguard clearance and eyes
  • Shimano 14 speed A050 gear set
  • Alloy caliper brakes and levers
  • Deep section alloy rims with QR front hub and 23mm tyres

About Avenir

The journey begins with Avenir. Quality, reliability and price are the key aspects of the Avenir philosophy. With a wide range of classic cycling accessories Avenir is your first choice when preparing a trip.  Avenir is owned by Raleigh and their product range is designed by Raleigh.

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Alloy frame.
14 gears.
Shimano shifters.
Shimano gears.
Front caliper and rear caliper brakes.
Rigid suspension.
Steel forks.
Weight fully assembled 14.1kg.
28 inch wheel size.
Road and trail specific tyres.
Alloy rims.
Quick-release front wheel.
Minimal assembly.


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