Airace Fit Tele M Spare Valve Caps


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The Airace Fit Tele M Spare Valve Caps are a replacement kit for the Fit Tele M pump.

Airace Fit Tele M Spare Valve Caps Key Features

  • For Airace FIT Telescopic M pumps
  • Made of high quality material
  • Kit includes valve, cap, insert and cap, piston o-rings
  • Heavy duty and durable construction

About Airace

Airace was born in 2007 producing products for bicycle parts.  Airace has been moving towards the goal of the development of professional, innovative and diversified products, in order to be able to meet every riding enthusiasts needs.  In the past few years, Airace has continued to develop high performance and innovative technology products, providing the most professional bicycle spare parts to every rider.

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