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About Vaude Cycle Clothing

Here at Vaude, we have been leading the way in mountain sports clothing and bike clothing ever since our company was established in 1974. Vaude is a family run business based in the town of Tettnang in Germany, which produces high quality mountain sports apparel for people who enjoy pushing their own limits. We are passionate about the natural environment and have taken care to develop clothing that not only looks and feels fantastic to wear, but also keeps our customers safe,warm and comfortable in a variety of weather conditions. We are committed to producing outdoor clothing that performs at its best to ensure that our products can always be trusted on the mountain or cycling track. This dedication also extends to our responsibility towards the environment, which is a crucial part of our production process. We continually work to achieve the highest standards in environmental compatibility, so that not only do we produce a better standard of product but we also reduce our impact on the natural environment. The mountain is the focal point of everything that we produce. It is our heart, our driving force and our continued ambition to bethe best.